HapPy New Year Guys~ =D

i left my blog abandoned agn..
dunno what to be updated here... XD

school's gonna re-open soOOn!!
i've been waited for this day since the day after the last paper of PMR!

it's kinda bored...
going to school then no teachers,no activities & nothing to do at all!

even nobody care whether we went to school or not...
jz like my blog -- ABANDONED... >_<

hmm... a new year is coming soon~
senior life, jz like wat YeeLing said.. we r seniors next year... haha
how would it be of a Form4 life?? =)

woo... cant wait to be back to school again...^^
meet wif frens everyday... gather together playing around...
but the 1st day is always the most busy day... xP

how we r going to be arranged into classes of Form4-s???
jz 'Let It Be'... =)
Love the song... haha...

Happy Belated Merry Christmas


Happy Early New Year

i wish to everybody~ haha...

新的开始... =)
All the best &
GOoD Luck!! ^^

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