Anothe part of my holiday life... T_T

finally back to blogging after 1month???~ xD
hmm... i'm actually going through a not very enjoyable holiday... >_<

i were forced to go for this "COSMOTOTS" holiday programme...
it's an english centre which provide exercises...
which i think abit CREEPY~

out of about 10-15students,i guess i'm the eldest there... LOL~
everyweek Monday,Wednesday & Friday 11am-1pm,
it occupied most of my time... =(

on the 1st day, my brother & I reached there the earliest...
we waited for awhile at a bench..

as time passed second by second,minute by minute,
some students came... wif  BEN10,HELLO KITTY,BARBIE bags!!!!
LOL~ i couldn't denied that i'm "OLD" there now... >_<! haiz...

it's NEVERMIND to be old there?? lol...
coz ages is a SECRET there... hahaha!!!! xD

hmm... let's go to the exercises...
it's so weird to do exercises wif "HOW TO <bla bla bla>"
- how to brush your teeth?
- how to get out of bed?
- how to annoy people in supermarket?
- how to stop children from cheating?
& bla bla bla.... haiz...
that isn't creepy enough actually...

they give me situations & think what u gonna do~
-when u wake up,u find that u r a HUGE BUG!!
or even
- when u gonna get married wif this guy & suddenly u found out he has a wife,which is CRAZY!!
what u gonna do???

haiz... mayb it isn't hard for u,but for the idealess me,YES!! >_< huhu... holiday please pass faster la...
i just hope stop being the OLDEST there & enough wif the "not logical" questions?? =(
fast...Fast...FAST o~ =.=

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  1. Aiyo..I tot you say you can be crazy & high whattt?.. but how come those cool questions made u scared oready???? You can one. We do cool things then we oso look cool lah. can be different from others, not so boring, ho?!