ouch, it hurts !

saying goodbye forever, it never & i dun want it to appear in my dictionary...
saying goodbye to a friend that u meet everyday, yes I know & I do !!
but forever & ever after... I DUN LIKE & I DUN WANT TO !!

u break into my life, making my life full of sound & laughter...
suddenly saying that u'll dissappear from my life, it hurts much, u know?!

sometimes i wonder,
how do we know each other??
what is the 1st word u talked to me??
what makes us so close to each other day by day??
when was the 1st time i start communicating wif u??
why u will not mad at us, ignoring u & whacking u all the time??

I miss ur smile
I miss ur laughters
I miss ur jokes
I miss ur kindness
I miss ur crazy acts
I miss ur friendlyness
I miss u for being kind to everybody
I miss u for being friendly to everybody
I miss u for helping ppl no matter what
I miss u, saying good morning to me every schooling day
I miss u, hi-5 wif me
I miss u, helping me carry the books & files
I miss u, whacked & bullied by us but not getting mad
I miss u, passing-by the corridor of my class
I miss u, skipping lesson & hanging around wif me
I miss u, concerning me when i faced problems
I miss u, cheering me up when i'm "down"
I miss u, accompanying me when i'm waiting for the van
I miss u, eating at the canteen
I miss u, shouting & screaming that freaking me out
I miss u, who always be sweating like tap water that never be closed tightly
I miss u, walking around the school compound
I miss u, waving to me when u sees me
I miss u, talking nonsense just to heat up the cool environment
i'll never forget u....!!! >.<

Every single second
Everywhere in the school
Every place that i've seen u there
Everything that u've done for me
Every corner that i'm looking at

Makes me think of u...
& that also reminds me,
what on earth can i forget this silly junior appeared in my life b4??

NO matter how crazy are u
NO matter how lonely are u
NO matter how happy are u
NO matter how sad are u
NO matter what problem u r facing
NO matter what, where, when, why, how
U dun nid any reason to lean against my shoulder !!
I'll always be there for u when u nid me... :)
always remember that... :D

Friends are partners of  long lasting relationship...
Friends are them who u can count on...
Friends are the needs when u face problems...
Friends will never dissapear unless u drive them away

Friends forever, my dearest !! ^_^

ps : siew wern aka BAO~
  • take care
  • good luck & all the best
  • friendship forever
  • we'll miss u...

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